Java Features JDK 6

Features added in Java6.0 :

The codename of this version is Mustang. As of the version was released in 2006, Sun replaced the name "J2SE" with Java SE and dropped the ".0" from the version number. Internal numbering for developers remains 1.6.0. This version brings the following new features in java:

  • Scripting Language Support : Generic API for tight integration with scripting languages, and built-in Mozilla JavaScript Rhino integration.

  • Performance improvements for the core platform and Swing.

  • Improved Web Service support through JAX-WS.

  • JDBC4.0 Support.

  • Java Compiler API : an API allowing a Java program to select and invoke a Java Compiler programmatically.

  • Many GUI improvements, such as integration of SwingWorker in the API, table sorting and filtering.

  • Upgrade of JAXB to version 2.0: Including integration of a StAX parser.

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