Encapsulation in C++

  • Encapsulation is a process of wrapping of data and methods in a single unit. It is achieved in C++ language by class concept.

  • Combining of state (variables) and behavior (functions) in a single container (object) is known as encapsulation. In C++ language encapsulation can be achieve using class keyword, state represents declaration of variables on attributes and behavior represents operations in terms of method.

Benefits of Encapsulation:

  • The main advantage of using of encapsulation is to secure the data from other methods, when we make a data private then these data only use within the class, but these data not accessible outside the class.

  • Provides abstraction between an object and its clients.

  • Protects an object from unwanted access by clients.


class sum
 int a,b,c;

void add()
cout<<"Enter any two numbers: ";
cout<<"Sum: "<< c;
int main()
sum s;
return 0
Enter any two number: 
Sum: 12   

In above example all data and function are bind inside class sum.

Next topic is Abstraction


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