Access specifiers in C++

Access specifiers or (access modifiers) are keywords in object oriented language that set the accessibility of class , functions(methods), and other members. Access modifiers are a specific part of programming language syntax used to facilitate the encapsulation of components.

In C++ there are 3 access specifiers.


Access specifiers in the program, are followed by colon(:).

Private Member :

  • Private members (variables and functions) of class cannot be accessed outside of the class.

  • Only the class and friend functions can access private members.

  • By default all members of the class would be private.

  • To declare a member as private use keyword private.

  • If someone tries to access private members outside of the class, it will raise an error.

Protected Member :

  • Protected members (variables and functions) of class is similar to private, it makes class members inaccessible outside of the class.

  • But they can be accessed by any subclass of that class, it means, if class A is inherited by class B, then class B is subclass of class A(Discuss later).

  • To declare a member as protected use keyword protected.

Public Member :

  • Public members (variables and functions) of class can be access anywhere outside the class.

  • To declare a member as public use keyword public.

Code Example:

Program to understand private, protected, and public member of class.
using namespace std;
class Test
 int a;

  int b;
  int c;

  int d;

  void showData()
   cout<<"a = "<< a<< endl;
   cout<<"b = "<< b<< endl;
   cout<<"c = "<< c<< endl;
   cout<<"d = "<< d<< endl;

int main() 
 Test ob;
//cannot access a is private
 ob.a = 10;
//cannot access b is protected
 ob.b = 20;
 ob.c = 30;// fine 
//cannot access d is private
 ob.d = 40; 
 return 0;

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