C Escape Sequence

C Escape Sequence

C allows us to have certain non graphic characters in character constants. Non graphic characters are those characters that cannot be typed directly from keyboard, for example, tabs, carriage return, etc.

These non graphic characters can be represented by using escape sequences represented by a backslash(\) followed by one or more characters.

Escape Sequence           Description    
     \a     Alert
     \b     Backspace
     \f     Formfeed
     \n     Newline
     \r     Carriage return
     \t     Horizontal tab
     \v     Vertical tab
     \\     Backslash
     \"     Double quotation
     \'     Single quotation
     \?     Question Mark


#include<stdio.h >
int main()
printf("Hello\nfrom programe.");
from programe.

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